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Al Kautsar 561 QSBS High School has just won the first silver medal on the 2020 Advanced Science Olympiad (ASO) for Chemistry!

Senin, 13 Juli 2020 ~ Oleh Admin QSBS ~ Dilihat 616 Kali

Alhamdulillah our santri from the pilot cohort this year, Muhammad Dihya Abdi Manaf (Ibni) has just penned an inspiring head start to start his journey in Al Kautsar 561 QSBS High School.

The silver medal for chemistry on a national competition held by Pelatihan Olimpiade Sains Nasional (POSI) is another fruitful sequel of his passion for science and endeavors to manifest him as an excellent santri.

Sharing the same spirit, Al Kautsar 561 QSBS Junior High and High School are not only geared up with Al-Quran learning (tahfizh) as a long-life reference for science but also disentangling the holy book's labyrinth of knowledge and distilled them down into a contextual common science.

All santri are introduced to scientific research and experiment down to its protocols and implementations as training to take part in both national and international competitions. Al Kautsar 561 QSBS schools are also equipped by advanced technology facilities to actualize ideas of IT-related ideas such as game programming, animation, robotics, and internet of things (IoT).

This has been a core success for the number of achievements earned by student research teams of Al Kautsar 561 QSBS Junior High School in 2019 at national and international competitions.

With this glorious fresh start, let's join Al Kautsar 561 QSBS Junior High and High School, and take the wonderful journey ahead together! Bismillah!

SMP-SMA QSBS Al Kautsat 561.
Ds. Rajadatu- Kec. Cineam-Kab. Tasikmalaya.


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